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Letter: Inappropriate tax support

There is too much collusion by current City Council members and their appointed board members to promote a huge sales tax increase.

The committee organized to promote the new ¾-cent tax increase consists of three current City Council members and nine financial advisory board members. This is from their website.

Financial advisory board members were all appointed by the City Council to serve on this board. Two of the current council members on the political action committee are listed as counsel liaison to the financial advisory board, as per the city website.

One-hundred percent of committee members are current City Council or council-appointed board members. Has the city of Glenwood Springs just weaponized council-appointed board members, and counsel liaisons to that board, to advocate and promote the ballot issue they want imposed upon us?

Their mission is to raise the sales tax by almost 20 percent to 9.35 percent and 10.99 percent at Meadows. Is it appropriate to have all appointed board members and three current City Council members meeting to promote this agenda? City Council members should support their own ballot measures they put on the ballot, but to organize a committee of only their appointed board members to promote the question is not at all appropriate or ethical.

Is it appropriate for the city, and required by the city, to put a tax increase question on the ballot for voter approval? It is not appropriate for these council members to lead a committee to promote their sales tax increase ballot question?

Their website on page 11 says “Who are we?” “We exist to provide that voters need to have unbiased facts to make informed decisions about the forthcoming ballot issue.” You are all 100 percent City Council members and members appointed by City Council members.

Unbiased, I think not. Too much of an increase, promoted by all insiders.

Gerald Slafkes

Glenwood Springs

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