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Letter: Include bike path on Highway 13

It’s good news to see that the Garfield County commissioners support a federal grant application for extensive safety upgrades to Colorado 13, which connects Rifle to Meeker and points beyond. The stated improvements will make a significant difference for motorists traveling this route.

The proposal could benefit further, bringing new economic benefits, by adding a parallel but separated paved path for bicycles.

Colorado 13 passes through a remarkably scenic landscape. It would become an attractive route for recreational cyclists if there were a safe, separated trail. Such a trail would be a valuable draw for the growing number of bicycle-oriented tourists who live in or visit Colorado, and an appealing amenity for local cyclists.

Look at how the Glenwood Canyon Trail, the Rio Grande Trail and the Crystal River Trail have created a boom in recreational cycling in Glenwood Springs and the Roaring Fork Valley.

Let’s not miss the opportunity to add a separated paved path for bicycles to the Colorado 13 grant proposal.

Heather McGregor

Glenwood Springs

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