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Letter: More to mammography story

I read with great interest your front page article (2/12) about Valley View Hospital’s new 3D mammogram machine. Thank you for bringing to our attention the importance of mammography in the early detection of breast cancer and highlighting the improved technology now available to detect breast cancer as early as possible.

As a physician who cares for many women in our area, I appreciate the PI for reporting on this topic. However, your article was disingenuous in its statement that Valley View is the only one on the Western Slope providing this service. While they may have purchased the latest version of Hologic’s 3D mammography unit, they are certainly not the only facility offering 3D mammograms to the women of our area.

Grand River Hospital began providing 3D mammography services to our valley in 2011. They were one of the first in Colorado and, in fact, one of the first in the nation to provide 3D mammograms to the general public. Aspen Valley Hospital followed soon after in early 2012, as did the Sonnenlap Diagnostic Breast Imaging Center at Shaw Regional Cancer Center in Edwards in 2013.

In fact, Valley View is one of the last imaging providers in our area and on the Western Slope of Colorado to provide this service.

I’m pleased so many of our local hospitals have now updated their technology. I feel your reporting was incomplete and promoted a service for one particular hospital over others on a service that has been available at many of our local hospitals for a long while. The record should be set straight and the public should be informed of the now universal availability of this possible life-saving technology.

Complete reporting is important to accurately inform the public. A simple phone call to the other imaging departments at the local facilities would have provided the above information on the services available.

Mary J Glode MD 

Grand River Health


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