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Letter: Indigenous Peoples Day

This year, on Monday, Oct. 8, we get to look forward to closed banks, thanks to Original Peoples Day.

The original people of this continent would prefer that we think about the first population that came here. We now understand that scientific evidence pushes the possibility of their presence on this continent to 130,000 years ago thanks to the excavation of a mastodon near San Diego.

We could call them Originals, Indigenous, Native, Aboriginals or Home Grown Ethnics who gave the pale invaders all the help they could. The indigenous population taught us how to use the natural resources of their land and navigate the terrain. We then poisoned, killed, enslaved, displaced and robbed the Indigenous of their culture and language while desecrating their homeland.

It must be hard to be an indigenous and know this. And then hear the holiday named after a nemesis who normalized native deaths and never even made it to the mainland.

John Hoffmann


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