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Letter: Insist our politicians dedicate time, energy to head off climate change

It’s real, it’s serious, we’re responsible, and we need to act now!
In his recent Post Independent opinion column, Arn Menconi (Carbondale) did a commendable job of identifying the potentially catastrophic impacts of climate change. More importantly, he identified 10 policies that need to be implemented in order to head off associated disasters. He also noted that we already have the technology to implement corrective actions. Unfortunately, policies and technology are worthless without workable plans, leadership and commitment.
In addition to the IPCC Report (https://www.ipcc.ch.) mentioned by Mr. Menconi, the U.S. has its own climate-change research organization that routinely produces a National Climate Assessment. Presented with their 2017/2018 assessments, President Trump said, “I don’t believe it.”
The Paris Agreement deals with causes and mitigation of global warming. At present, all existing nations have signed on. However, President Trump has announced that he will terminate U.S. participation in 2020, leaving us as the only country in the world outside the agreement.
Our president routinely ignores or denigrates climate experts. However, he has not been alone. It was not until the Green New Deal was introduced recently that there has been any sign of interest by members of Congress. We can’t solve problems that our leaders and representatives neglect.
We need to understand that politicians don’t create political will, they respond to it. That means we must communicate our will to the president, current members of Congress, and 2020 candidates, and we must insist that they commit to working with other nations to dedicate the time, energy, and resources needed to head off climate-change disasters. A large number of those people will ignore climate change until the public demands action ­— so contact them now. We can’t afford to wait. And, as Mr. Menconi pointed out, our children and grandchildren absolutely cannot afford for us to wait.
John Palmer,
Glenwood Springs

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