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Letter: Inspiring trip

I recently completed a 6,000-mile trip through the eastern part of our country, which brought new meaning to the old Dinah Shore ad “See the USA in your Chevrolet.”

Some of the things I saw at the World War II Museum in New Orleans included the B-17 Bomber “My Gal Sal” that crashed over Greenland in 1944 and was covered with 250 feet of ice for 50 years. It was recovered and restored and now hangs from the ceiling in the Boeing Wing of the museum.

I was able to enter a section of submarine, locked in, and experienced an attack on a Japanese convoy during the war. Having been given the name and a brief bio of the submarine on entering, I then experienced the sinking of our sub and whether I survived after lying on the ocean floor. I did, my name was Henry Flanagan on board the USS Tang.

In Mobile, Alabama, I toured the battleship USS Alabama. I sat in the seat of the .50-caliber machine gunner, and could imagine how scared I would be with a Japanese Zero firing back. I saw a jet plane developed in 1967 and retired in 1968 because satellites were taking over the spy business. This jet could fly at Mach 3 and literally outrun a bullet fired from an M-1.

I toured the downtowns of Naples, Florida; Savannah, Georgia; Nashville, Tennessee; but the highlight was at Williamstown, Kentucky, where a scale model of Noah’s Ark has been constructed, the cages, water pots, feed bags and all the things needed to survive the flood. It should be on everyone’s bucket list. A lot of history exists right here in the USA.

Ken Kriz
Glenwood Springs

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