Letter: Instead of a wall, hold company owners who hire illegal workers responsible

Currently, President Donald Trump wants to use $8.6 billion to build a wall. However, there is a simple solution that no one has thought of because it is common sense (a trait no longer found in America).

Legislators can now pass a bill that will:

1. Fine company owners (Republican or Democrat) $1 million if found guilty of hiring anyone without proper identification.

2. Imprison company owners for one year if they are found guilty of hiring an employee without ensuring proper identification.

Of course companies will have to begin sharing the wealth with employees; raising wages to a living wage. That will get the lazy, non-immigrants off their couch.

With all the profits companies have attained from hiring workers at minimum wages, it would be good redemption for those wealthy business owners.

It is common knowledge that in big business and construction, the rip-offs that occur with overinflated prices for 2×4s puts lots of free cash into unscrupulous hands, so building a wall isn’t in the best interest of anyone who pays taxes.

Scott Barta


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