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Letter: Insurance fraud

Please read your “explanation of benefits,” aka “EOB,” from your insurance companies.

If you have a “PPO” plan, which most folks do, you are never responsible for the contractual “discount” that occurs between the business and your insurance company. Sadly, there are dishonest businesses that rely on people not knowing this, and they earn interest from this money that they are not writing off contractually. This adds up to a decent amount of dishonest money collected by the business.

Verify your benefits, and what you owe, prior to your services. Stand your ground if the business is claiming that you owe more than what your insurance states (this happened to me).

I received my “EOB” from my insurance six weeks after I had overpaid for my services, stating that they, too, had paid for my services; therefore, I was owed a reimbursement from this business.

I would never have known that the business owed me money, if not for the EOB. This business has kept my reimbursement money for six weeks, and I am still awaiting a check from them, because they only write reimbursement checks twice a month; how convenient for them (more interest earned on my money).

When I confronted them, they blamed the oversight on a “new” hire (so my negative balance never showed up on the computer?!). They also offered to put a “credit” on my account, after the fact, and like I would trust them again?!

Ronda Dennie

Glenwood Springs

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