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Letter: Intrusive, dangerous loft plan

Bottom line? Amending zoning to allow for high density at 2225 Midland Ave. would create more problems than it would actually solve. More current GWS residents and commuters would be negatively impacted in numerous ways than quasi-residents who might be served by housing at this locale.

This issue is not about the need for affordable housing. This issue is about the location of high density on an already-overtaxed Midland Avenue. High density here will create a situation that will compromise the safety of residents trying to access Midland from private driveways and those crossing Midland to access sidewalks.

The fact is that 2225 Midland is located in the middle of a single-family home neighborhood; not on the border but in the middle. Yes, there are privately owned condos down the road, but they all have much lower structural profiles in comparison to the proposed Midland Lofts. A large four-story building on a mountainside in the middle of a single-family home neighborhood is highly intrusive and far from transitional in character. Zoning should reflect this fact.

Why add to the dysfunction when there are alternatives to allow for the sale and development of this property in a way that would ease the housing shortage and stay in character with the current neighborhood? Let’s create solutions, not more problems.

No amount of quoting by the developer from generalized city documents is going to change the fact that this location for the proposed high density would not be responsible development, nor is it allowed by current zoning codes without council amending it.

If this town grows like the developer has stated, Midland is only going to get busier. Even with future road improvements in town, infrastructure on Midland, in all likelihood, will still not be able to keep up with this suggested growth. Midland is just not the place for this proposed development. Come let your City Council know this Thursday.

Julie Wilson
Glenwood Springs

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