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Letter: Ironic lies

Linda Carr writes in Monday’s paper that she doesn’t understand when a Republican says, “I don’t necessarily believe in his moral conduct, but support his policies.” She also doesn’t understand how he can continue to be supported for his daily lying.

Good for everyone who is outraged and active. This is more than would have happened if anyone else was president. It is a time for everyone to be active and protect our freedom. The status quo was not working. Thanks, Donald Trump.

Beyond that, we as a nation had drifted into complacency and failure on the world stage. The bigger truth is hard medicine. Thanks again, Donald Trump. Your little daily lies are so transparent. At least you’re not living a lie like your presidential opponent.

A quote from filmmaker David Lynch’s writing sums up the world before Trump: “Almost everybody has a bunch of stuff swimming in them, and I don’t think most people are aware of the dark parts of themselves. People trick themselves, and we all think we’re pretty much OK and that others are at fault.” Thanks, Donald Trump. Your lies are so ironic.

Fred Stewart

Grand Junction

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