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Letter: It’s all a plot

Whether a newly elected representative or an entrenched career politician, you are being swallowed up into a dark plot.

You no longer have the will or the courage to acknowledge scheming vs. upholding your oath of office. You seek your own wealth, privilege, enjoy the thrill of power over others. Let me list some of the most wretched scams against citizens:

You cheat our veterans, steal and withhold seniors’ own retirement monies. You enjoy cushy benefits and retirement that we can only dream about. You bow to Monsanto and Big Pharma, following a plot under U.N. Agenda 21. You never deny yourselves raises, while sinking the middle class.

You do not have the same health plan nor do you abide by the same rules we must follow. You want our guns for total control. You would not stop illegal immigration for the sake of burying American culture.

You will not support term limits curtailing your cushy benefits while taxing us to death. You have allowed a Rothschild bank to print fiat currency — sending us further into debt. The courts are upside down and we have a sinister FBI, and Dept. of Justice. Jacob Rothschild, Russia, and China are laughing at us. No one had to fire a missile … our own government betrayed every citizen of this country. We were even warned by George Washington early on — people stopped paying attention. And citizen apathy is to blame along with a captive mainstream media.

Carol Abbott

Battlement Mesa

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