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Letter: It’s not the gun, it’s people

I don’t intend to make this piece combative, only informative.

Several individuals, media and politicians have been quick to vilify the NRA because of the gun deaths in America. On the other hand, those same people are quick to jump on the bandwagon of legalized abortion.

Between 1973 and 2013 (Roe v. Wade), 40 years. Numbers are derived from Guttmacher Institute and Centers for Disease Control.

Number of abortions performed: 54,559,615. Yes, that is millions.

Average per year: 1,363,990. Yes, that is million.

Gun deaths for same time period: 524,278. Yes, that is hundred thousand.

Average per year:13,107. Yes, that is thousands.

Granted, gun deaths are now at about 33,000 per year. Two-thirds of those deaths are suicide. There are enough ropes, prescription drugs, buses and trains to jump in front of and bridges to jump off that the 22,000 suicides would probably still take place without guns.

While 11,000 are still too many, more gun laws will not solve anything. It’s already against the law to murder someone. But that doesn’t deter anyone who is deranged or determined. It’s not the gun, it’s people. There simply are not any more “common sense” gun laws that would be more effective.

Please, before making false accusations about an organization, it’s membership or an inanimate object, look at the numbers. A fetus (baby) in this country is over 100 times more likely to be killed by a parent and a doctor than killed by a gun.

The two sides will never agree, but let’s try and keep it in perspective.

Richard Teague


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