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Letter: It’s time to fix our streets now

Of the 135 roads that make up Glenwood Springs, 70 percent of them need to be repaired. The roads in your neighborhood and mine are falling apart. The roads connecting our neighborhoods are falling apart. It’s time to fix our streets now.

Throughout Glenwood’s history, many neighborhoods have been annexed to the city. The condition of the underlying utility, sanitary water and sewer lines in our neighborhoods has deteriorated over this history. Drainage issues in our beautiful valley are an issue for many of our streets. These conditions must be fixed as we repair our streets. Generally, the worse a street’s condition, the more expensive it is to fix it, and construction costs continuously rise.

City staff has updated the Master Street Plan and has structured that plan to reconstruct all of the failing and poor street conditions in our city. A 0.75 cent sales tax will allow the city to complete this master plan in eight to 10 years. That means for every $1,000 you spend on taxable items in Glenwood Springs, $7.50 will go toward getting our roads in top condition. Go to http://www.FixOurStreetsNow.org to learn the details. See where your street fits into the Master Plan. Vote “yes” to fix our streets now on April 2.

Terri Miller,

Glenwood Springs

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