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Letter: It’s way past time to fix Glenwood’s streets

I think we can all agree that our Glenwood Springs residential streets are in need of a major do-over, and I’m not just talking about a little chip and seal with black spray action for our failing streets. I mean dig down, start from scratch and bring our roads up to 21st-century levels. And while we’re at it, let’s put in new utility infrastructure (new pipes) to replace the 100-year-old clay stuff down there, add new conduit for fiber high speed internet for all residents, add curbs, drainage and even fix the alleys too. And let’s get it all done quickly — in about eight years.

 And now for some really good news — the city actually has a plan to do all this, and we get to leverage this $56 million price tag at a 73 percent discount. How is that you ask? Well, the Glenwood Springs Chamber of Commerce estimates that three-quarters of our sales taxes are actually paid by visitors and those living outside the city limits. That means $41 million of the $56 million cost will be paid by those outside of Glenwood Springs, and residents will pay $15 million. That is a great deal for those of us that live here. All we have to do is pass the 0.75 cent sales tax (Issue A) on the upcoming ballot. What will that average cost be to those of us that live here? The IRS estimates that a household of four with a combined income of $50-60,000 per year will wind up seeing an increase of $81 a year, or $7.26 a month. For the monthly cost of one cold beer downtown — or even a joint — we will have great streets, and only pay about a quarter of the cost as residents.

 And, the 0.75 cent tax goes away once the streets are done (estimated less than 10 years), and the funds can only be used for street reconstruction projects (no dippy-dippy into the cookie jar for other projects). We’re all in this together, and it’s time — it’s actually way past time. Vote “Yes” on Issue A. 

Daniel Sullivan,

Glenwood Springs

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