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Letter: I’ve been busy

A friend wanted to know why I was unavailable. My reply: I have become extremely active in the current political scheme and am busy fighting for the salvation of the America I knew and loved.

This election was a wake-up call reminding us to cherish what qualities we treasure in an equally free democratic America. In my lifetime, I have seen this country accept responsibility for its refuse, its environment and strive to develop the evolution of decent education, decent health care, and decent security in a creatively productive diverse society.

Sure, there were many bumps in the road — misappropriation of funds, bloat, favoritism and much more balance to achieve. However, the job loss and low wages in this country alone were solely generated by the current CEOs now in charge.

In the stoke of a greedy ego-centered reckless man’s pen, coal sludge can now run off into the rivers again, extreme prejudice is rearing its ugly head, greedy million/billionaires are directing and making laws in areas of our lives where they have little or no knowledge or experience and furthermore, cannot even relate. Millions of dollars are being spent producing false scenarios to manipulate citizens on all sides. A self-proclaimed Leninist shock event manipulator has the ear of our child-like narcissist commander-in-chief who has higher praise for a destructive dictator of a country than an ethical leader of another country.

Both parties failed on this one. And now it is up to all Americans to unite, clean up this mess and get back to business creating a place where we can live together, grow together, laugh together and above all distribute the love and understanding that is within all of us. This is the last wake-up call for my generation.

Growing up in West Virginia and seeing daily the destruction of my beautiful state by the big coal industries was horrific. As the result of new environmental laws it took years to clean up the mess. Now all that work and love of our land everywhere will be destroyed again.

Lib DeStefano

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