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Letter: Jankovsky brings balance to Garfield County

Tom Jankovsky and I both arrived in the Roaring Fork Valley over 30 years ago, and over that time, I have watched him as he has served as a leader in the community. During most of that time, Tom served as a businessman and outdoor recreation enthusiast, keeping Sunlight Mountain Resort operating through good times and bad. Operating a small, independent ski area is a constant challenge, especially one in the shadow of a half dozen world class resorts, but Tom managed to do it. He maintained the small, friendly atmosphere of the area while balancing the capital costs of needed improvements with the ever present objective of keeping the area affordable for locals and middle-class visitors alike. And he was successful — think what Glenwood Springs would be like as a tourist economy without Sunlight Mountain Resort. And during this time, he was a very involved member of the community, serving on the board of the Chamber Resort Association and rising to chair that board.  

Eight years ago, Tom brought that same spirit of service to the community, business acumen and care for employees to Garfield County and to the Board of County Commissioners. Over those years, when I have been at commissioner meetings, I have always been impressed with his preparedness — he knows and understands the issues facing Garfield County and its residents. Tom comprehends the challenges facing businesses, large and small — that’s why he has been a leader in seeking solutions to the costs of health insurance. He recognizes that the health of Garfield County, both financially and physically, is linked to both outdoor recreation and natural resource development and that we must maintain a balance in both areas. And finally, Tom realizes that we must continue to devote resources to assisting those of use less fortunate and support as broad an array of human services as our budget can allow.  

In all areas, both personally and professionally, Tom has strived for balance, and he will continue to bring that balance to Garfield County as our commissioner for the next four years. That is why I am supporting and urge you all to support Tom Jankovsky for Garfield County commissioner.

David Merritt

Glenwood Springs

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