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Letter: Jankovsky just stirring up froth

I don’t doubt Tom Jankovsky got red in the face at the Chamber forum. That’ll happen when you’re blowing the dog whistle too hard. 

I too believe in single-payer health plans, they have proven to be cheaper and at least as efficient as what we’re doing now. 

If the RMR quarry wasn’t so close to Glenwood Springs Jankovsky would be pushing the approval forward. The Republican commissioners don’t seem to mind the effects of extraction when the citizens at the west end of the county have to endure them. Remind us why the roads south of Glenwood Springs shouldn’t be available for drilling traffic when many of them were pioneered for that very purpose. 

Lastly, Tom, stop wrapping yourself with our flag and standing on a Bible to tell us how great thou are. I expect separation of church and state at every level of government. You were elected to manage and lead in this county. By just stirring up the froth you aren’t doing a very good job. 

Anthony Zarlingo


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