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Letter: Jankovsky out of touch on climate change

Tom Jankovsky’s trumpeting an opposition to ballot proposition 112 shows how out of touch he has become in our changing world. Proposition 112 is the setbacks for health measure, that gives occupied structures and water sources a 2,500-foot setback from the intensely industrial and toxic process of drilling oil or gas wells. Until now, as in the battle with big tobacco, studies have been left undone as to the health effects of living in proximity to these sites. Studies now document ill effects.

Jankovsky describes this measure as “a gun to our head.” All are realizing what is the true gun to our heads: it is climate change, not the regulation of location for fossil fuel extraction. Extraction will continue thanks to horizontal drilling and fracking. 

I am happily voting for an intelligent and forward-thinking commissioner candidate, Paula Stepp. Paula sees the development of renewable energy both in a broad sense, which is keeping snow on Tom’s and everyone’s mountains, and keeping water in the rivers; but she also understands the need for sustainable jobs and industry in Rifle and Parachute. She will represent the whole county. It is important to move Garfield County into the future.

I will also take this opportunity to voice my unflagging support for Jean Alberico, our county clerk. I have seen firsthand the care and precision she brings to our election process. Elections are the ground floor of our democracy and Jean and her employees make sure her office runs an absolutely fair and reliable election. This office cannot have partisan ideology permeating the election process either overtly or in attitude.

This is an important election. I hope everyone votes, votes the entire ballot and votes with their children’s long-term future in mind.

Barb Coddington

Glenwood Springs

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