Letter: Jankovsky’s incomplete narrative is a disservice to us all | PostIndependent.com

Letter: Jankovsky’s incomplete narrative is a disservice to us all

So Commissioner Tom Jankovsky says that SB181 is “very concerning to us.” “Us” being the Board of County Commissioners, I suppose. What’s concerning to me is that Tom deliberately omitted the fact that natural gas prices are low and Western Colorado is a tough, expensive place to drill. There are plenty of wells not flowing and drilled but uncompleted wells, waiting for higher prices. I dismiss the input from Michael Rynearson of Caerus Oil and Gas as just more of “the sky is falling” rhetoric that company guys throw out there to protect their positions and fortunes.

The BOCC isn’t trying to get drilling permits approved south of Glenwood Springs. Things like that and the RMR quarry aren’t too popular at that end of the county where the votes and the influence dictate the commissioner’s pandering to keep their positions.

I vote every opportunity I get and I vote for who I think is honest and thoughtful. Someone who will consider what’s best for all the residents of the community. Putting forth an incomplete narrative and framing it as he has is a disservice to us all.

Anthony Zarlingo,

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