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Letter: Jim Ingraham for City Council At Large

About one year ago, City Council made a very wise decision to appoint Jim Ingraham to an emergency vacancy in our leadership there. Since then, Jim has been an advocate for his community, working hard to hear our voices and take action. His open style of communication makes him one of the most accessible public figures in Glenwood Springs. Jim deeply cares about his community and making Glenwood Springs the very best it can be to all of its citizens. He has committed countless hours to the work of City Council already and will continue to serve us over the next four years with the same passion and commitment he has demonstrated so apparently.

Help Jim and the City Council continue their work to accomplish even greater things for the best interests of our wonderful city. Your vote for Jim will ensure a great future for our community. Thank you.

Jonathan Gorst,

Glenwood Springs

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