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Letter: John Martin, man of integrity

I’m new in town, so my knowledge of John Martin goes back only to 2007, when I joined the Glenwood Springs Kiwanis Club. But in that time I’ve come to know a man who serves our community with diligence, intelligence and a genuine commitment to service leadership.

Kiwanis cooks pancake breakfasts, both as one of our major fundraisers and as a community service. On many of those affairs, it’s John Martin who picks up the trailer-mounted grill at 4 a.m. and takes it to the cook site. He does that for the Strawberry Days parade, for our annual Kiwanis pancake breakfast at Ninth and Grand, and, on two occasions when I organized a breakfast at the Garfield County Fair, there was John towing the grill into position at 4 in the morning. No fuss, no bother, he was just there, as promised. And he brings his own home-made batter, eggs and blueberries.

I’ve also seen three or four of the four-inch three-ring binders he carries with him, filled with studies, reports, facts and figures about Garfield County. The man is a walking encyclopedia of the county. One day I was walking by the courthouse when the commissioners were in session, so I dropped in to observe for a while. I don’t remember the agenda that day, but, off the agenda, a question came up about maintenance on some county road. Off the top of his head, John Martin not only answered the question but also commented on the slope of the grade, where the water drained and what would be needed to improve whatever the situation demanded.

And then there’s his cell phone. How many community leaders do you know who make their cell phone number public and then answer when you call? I’m amazed when I call and hear, “This is John.” That seemingly small act speaks volumes about a man who has been instrumental in building the county’s financial reserves to get us through the lean times, which seem always to loom on the horizon.

My experience with John Martin reveals a man genuinely committed to diligently serving his community with intelligence and integrity.

Karl Oelke
New Castle

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