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Letter: Judge South Canyon proposal on merits

Steve and Jeanne Beckley have created some amazing businesses and built beautiful, substantial improvements in Glenwood Springs. These businesses and improvements are enjoyed by many, many locals, and they also bring lots and lots of people (tourists) and new revenue to our community.

The improvements are made with quality and the businesses run with professionalism. They have created lots of jobs and pay lots of taxes. The Beckleys are also active community leaders.

There was a time when entrepreneurs were respected and appreciated in our community; the names of many streets are named for the founders who started and built Glenwood. I do not understand the vitriol that I am hearing and reading about the Beckleys, which stems from their interest in proposing a plan to develop about 20 acres of the city’s approximately 2,500 acres in South Canyon.

There are many issues to address during this process, and they are being brought forth (road deficiencies, existing and future trail routes, environmental issues, historical sites, etc.). There are neighbors and other stakeholders that need to be listened to and considered. Of course, the city has to negotiate a lease that makes money for the city for this proposal to proceed.

This process needs to be very transparent. I believe that the Beckleys have demonstrated that they have the creativity, skill set, and integrity to take on this challenge. Perhaps they can offer an acceptable proposal that will clean up an under-used city asset and create a sustainable business that will be beneficial to the community.

Maybe they can propose a plan the city can support, maybe they cannot. That decision should be made based on the merits of the proposal, not personal attacks.

Kent Jolley

Glenwood Springs

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