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Letter: Just ask border residents

I just read that a Mr. Hodges (2/23/18) thinks that the people down on the border don’t want a fence?

I am wondering if he knows anyone down there or has actually been there to determine the situation?

If he has been there or knows someone down there, then the problem may have been solved. I have relatives down there and they are not right on the border, but do have friends who have ranches down there.

The last time I saw an article about the problem of illegals walking in the fields and running the cattle and their squalid left-behinds looked a lot like the homeless in California, with makeshift tents and you name it. They trampled over the newly planted fields and were destroying more than a few hundred thousand dollars worth of crops; 350 miles from the border is a long ways from the actual wall.

What I have seen online is that there is nothing but scrub and sand. I have never ever read or have heard from my relatives that there is anyone down there protesting the wall. John McCain is protesting it. Pelosi thinks that we need to cut the grass. I think she is totally delusional.

I have relatives in Arizona, as well, and they are not protesting the wall. I question Mr. Hodges knowledge on this. If he is going by what he reads in the papers, it’s mostly fake news in order to keep the Illegals coming into the country. We do have some Border Patrol now that are capable of not only detaining but enforcing the laws. They are armed, as well. They should be armed as drug dealers keep coming across no matter what.

I have cut out articles and sent to Senator Bennet, who is actually another Pelosi and Schummer follower. So, he is of no use and doesn’t intend to ever be for the people that voted him into office.

Jane Spauding/Budzynski


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