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Letter: Karl for Congress

I believe that Karl Hanlon has the right attitude in regard to helping education. Supporting the Pueblo teachers was very impressive to me, and that helped sway my decision to supporting you.

The assault on public education and teachers is the greatest threat to our democracy. Our democracy is at stake in this election. For far too many years the Republican Party’s sole objective was to create a scenario in which they would retain power through any means necessary. Backed by the limitless pockets of cash from people like the Koch Brothers, among others, they have come close to achieving this objective.

Democrats must put the brakes on this political takeover in this election, or we will move even farther towards a state of fascism. Since the Vietnam War, I have watched both parties take the country further and further to the right to the point where we have a wanna-be-dictator in the White House, and the same in both houses of Congress.

Our system of checks and balances is way out of balance as a result. There are too many issues to discuss here, but I will do what I can to help your election. When Barack Obama was here in 2008, he told the crowd that had gathered to see him: Si Se Puede (Yes we can)! Ten years later the chant should be Si Se Necesita (Yes we must)!

Earl Poteet

Pueblo West

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