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Letter: Kaup and Godes

Thanks for your well considered 3/19 editorial that candidates “Kaup and Godes top excellent Glenwood Springs council field.” I’ve had conversations with nearly all of the candidates and agree with your analysis.

Shelley Kaup is a civil engineer with business experience, a fine record of public service to our community and a strong understanding of transportation and environmental issues. Jonathan Godes has devoted his MBA skills to public service here in the Roaring Fork Valley. Both of them believe that if we must have growth it must be smart growth (which includes minimizing traffic impacts and being pedestrian friendly).

Their principle opponents (attorney Charlie Willman and dental office manager Amber Wissing) are being encouraged and helped to run by the owners of at least two of the biggest businesses in our town. Both of them have good records. All the candidates are fine people with loyal friends and supporters. I’m sure they all have good intentions to serve our community well.

But, after much research and many conversations, my confidence is now with Shelley Kaup and Jonathan Godes to most effectively pursue the best solutions to the very substantial challenges and opportunities we continue to face.

Good luck and thank you to everyone who votes for our great candidates. We are very lucky to live in such a wonderful town. Let’s do our best to protect all that is best about it.

Nick Kelly
Glenwood Springs

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