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Letter: Kavanaugh not SCOTUS material

Editor’s note: The following was originally address to Sen. Cory Gardner, R-Colo.

Forty-two years of watching witnesses, here’s my share on the nominee and observations from today.

Based on Kavanaugh’s responses he’s not bright enough to recognize the subject of a question let alone be a Supreme Court judge.

Weren’t you a lawyer? What did you think when a witness persistently evaded the question and instead made a nonresponsive self-serving answer?

If I were a senator I would have each time pointed out the question I asked and then the off-point question he had devised for himself to answer. Then I would repeat my question until he answered it.

I was the secretary of our judicial nominating commission for six years. What is the most important qualification for a judge?

Arguably temperament.

This guy exposed his belligerent, rude and argumentative personality. Contrast the measured, and now visibly phony, demeanor he displayed during the preceding hearings.

Picture this, but after six beers in a situation where he could be a physical bully to a female. Who do you believe now?

Who is calling for a more thorough investigation, the one telling the truth or the one lying?

Supreme Court justices are not supposed to bring overwhelming political bias to the impartial role of Supreme Court Justice. Listening to Kavanaugh’s diatribe of anti-Clinton, conspiratorial leftists, anti-Democrat, pro-Trump emotion, this is not that person.

Also his presentation was not noble as to why he should be chosen, but self-absorbed. This was about he deserved the job. How he had been number one and played the game to be a winner and should now be crowned champion.

There was no humility, no fundamental decency, just a display of arrogance and superiority and truculence toward those who think he doesn’t deserve the prize.

His tears were those of self-pity. This was a man crying because he could be cheated out of his justified ascendancy.

His anger was that of a man afraid that his stupid and criminal behavior from a long time ago could take away his ultimate success. It was all about him. He would lessen the Supreme Court. Vote “no,” Cory.

Tom Silverman

Glenwood Springs

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