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Letter: Keep Caloia as DA

I’ve personally known and worked with Sherry Caloia for almost 20 years. I’ve always admired her integrity and devotion to justice. When I have had need for her professional services, I was always glad to have her on my side.

It is great to know that Sherry is on the side of all of us as our district attorney. From her highly successful diversion program for first-time and other low-level offenders to her policy of prosecuting only when it makes sense, Sherry has brought her sense integrity and justice to the DA’s office.

Sherry is not yet finished with her plans to improve the office, like bringing the SANE program for sexual assault victims back to our communities. Please vote to re-elect Sherry Caloia as DA so can continue to improve the DA’s office.

Bruce Wampler

Glenwood Springs

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