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Letter: Keep estate tax

This new tax bill is a heinous ploy to once and for all consolidate most all the wealth and resources of the planet into the consortium blood line of the very few. Wake up people. Explain to me how doing away with the estate tax benefits the masses. This tax is applicable only to the ultra wealthy, those in line to inherit hundreds of millions of dollars. It is the moral, ethical and patriotic duty of such inheritors to surrender a large amount of this inheritance back into society. They come from a family line where all advantages this system has to offer is at their disposal. Even after paying back through the estate tax a hefty and substantial sum, there still exists mighty wealth from which to continue to build on. But by not surrendering this just and fair contribution back to the society that has enabled their benefactors to flourish, by concentrating and compounding this wealth through the generations, an impermeable structured oligarchy rules tyrannically into perpetuity. Nullifying the estate tax is what is expected in return for vast right wing political contributions. A guarantee that the filthy wealthy isn’t obligated to give back to the society that has built their empires. Instead the costs of society is saddled to the backs of the proletariat.

Susan Wilmot

Glenwood Springs

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