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Letter: Keep science testing

While reading Mr. Stein’s opinion on the state testing program, I could not help but to disagree with his statement, “they should consider dropping the mandatory science and social studies test given in intermittent years … Leave citizenship, social studies, and even science to the discretion of local communities to define and measure.”

I believe that science should remain (and be improved upon of course) in state tests to keep Colorado and American citizens scientifically literate in a standard manner. As Neil deGrasse Tyson, a famous astrophysicist, once said, “To be scientifically literate is to empower yourself to know when someone else is full of (BS).” It is important for students, and others of course, to understand and comprehend how the world and even how the universe works.

Many of our communities in our counties are quite religious and conservative, and to give them power to test students on subjects such as the atomic theory, the big bang theory and evolution is hypocritical to someone who advocates scientific study and thought.

As Americans, we have the right and an obligation to be scientifically literate to better understand our world and the universe that surrounds us. The only way we could become so, besides self-study and research, is to standardize it and measure it at a state and, of course, a federal level. We must to see how we compare to other states and countries scientifically.

The separation between church and state is important to ensure protection from a theocratic government; however, sometimes peoples’ religious ideas enter laws and policies that shouldn’t, and if the testing of science falls into the hands of religious community members, there may be a risk that it would be corrupted with religious nonsense and ideas.

Luis Sanchez

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