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Letter: Keep South Canyon wild

I’ve spent close to 10 years hiking the South Canyon area in order to give my dog a place to run free. When I first started exploring the area, I wasn’t that impressed.

The smell of the dump many times was very pervasive depending on which way the wind was blowing. Invasive species such as thistle cover certain areas, making it hard to navigate in the summer.

But as time went on and I had the privilege of hiking that area for so many years, I grew to really appreciate this open space through the eyes of the many species who inhabit it.

The importance of keeping connectivity pathways for wildlife and interdependent species to exist in this pressurized tank of incessant development is so very important. We have seen so many species of wildlife in South Canyon that it never ceases to amaze me. We’ve seen bobcat, mountain lion, way too many bear, deer, majestic elk, coyotes and abundant bird life flourishing in that area. A stream that runs year-round assures a reliable water source and a vibrant riparian habitat. What that area doesn’t need is a campground with 110 spots and another commercial hot springs.

The coin of the realm in Colorado has always been its wildness. Let’s honor that legacy and provide wide open undeveloped space to protect our beleaguered wildlife. Give the non-voting, non-tax-paying creatures who have so few voices raised in their defense a breathing space, a calving habitat free from excessive human encroachment.

Habitat loss is one of humanity’s greatest challenges. Let’s learn from the mistakes of other less fortunate cities and do what we can to implement wise and sustainable practices now and protect our wildness and diversity. It will only make Glenwood more of a treasure than it already is.

Ruth Sears

Glenwood Springs

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