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Letter: Kill the thrill killers

Parks and Wildlife is concerned about the decline in the deer population.

Obviously a large part of their revenue is license fees. I haven’t bought a license in three years because there are so few deer.

You can blame it on the hunters but there is an obvious answer that no one seems to want to admit. It’s called predators.
One thing that continually amazes me is that the purported animal lovers and passionate environmentalists love the predators. They always seem to want mountain lions, coyotes, bear, wolves and their kind.

An adult mountain lion will kill a deer per week, not to mention every other little animal they can catch and eat. I have watched coyotes rip the guts out of a doe deer lying on the ground and crying out in agony. These predators do not just kill to eat, but they are thrill killers.

A bear broke into my chicken house and killed over 60 chickens.

I thought it was only fair that I got to eat the bear, but the state said no and trapped and moved it to someplace where it could go on killing.

I happen to love the fawns, chipmunks, rabbits and all little animals.

I believe PETA stands for Predators Eat Tender Animals.

Let’s go back to the days when there was a bounty on lions, coyotes and bears.

Logic indicates that the people who love predators should be fanatical hunters or gang members.

Ross L. Talbott
New Castle

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