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Letter: King’s horses and $ needed

Thank you to Carla Jean Whitley for reminding us of the power of community in her Post Independent article. Carla Jean attended Our Town, One Table in Carbondale on Aug. 20, which is held every August in Carbondale and is organized by Sondie Reiff.

This year 1,300 people attended. Rumor has it that Glenwood is going to hold one next year, which will be a fine reward for people after making it through the bridge reconstruction.

Carla Jean also mentioned another community project — Keep Humpty Dumpty in Carbondale. Humpty Dumpty is a bronze sculpture that is part of the Art Around Town Program. The sculpture sits on a wall next to the library. He is currently on loan for the next nine months and then he returns to the artist — unless we buy him. He is $6,000.

A group of citizens are raising the money to keep him sitting right where he is, forever. So far we have more than $2,000. If you want to help go to youcaring.com/humptydumpty or go to Alpine Bank and write your check to Humpty Dumpty acct #6188.

We have until May 2018 to raise the funds. If we are successful, Humpty will stay on his wall right where he belongs, next to the Carbondale library. He will be a symbol of community in our valley and live on long after we are gone.

Katie Marshall



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