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Letter: Knock it off

It is ignorant to assume to know what is in another person’s heart.

I don’t think Fred Malo Jr. has ever listened to anything Jack has said. It is my understanding he had made cakes before for the same-sex couple. If he won’t make Halloween cakes, why is there a problem with staying with his Christian belief on wedding cakes?

Jack is not responsible for the actions of any person past or present that has not been his life. Jack gave my niece a good job, helped her through difficult situations, and never judged her bad decisions. He helped her with finances and advice after her father was murdered.

Knock off the negative thoughts and words. Do something nice for somebody. Donate time or money to a family or an animal shelter.

Breathe our wonderful air, enjoy our beautiful mountains, smile and wave to your neighbors.

Pat Vigil

New Castle

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