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Letter: Lacerda right choice for clerk

I’ve watched Lynette Lacerda knock on doors from one end of the county to the other, take the time and effort to approach the community with her aspirations to be our (Garfield) County Clerk.

She has met each citizen with respect, asking only that they take the time to look at her qualifications and vision for the office of the Clerk and Recorder and make up their own minds.

She has taken it upon herself to research the needs of the Clerk’s Office and has found solid solutions to improve the tools to serve the community. She realizes the size of the task at hand and the importance to everyone served by the office.

She will handle it as she does everything else, professionally, methodically and with sincere kindness. It is for these reasons and hundreds more that I support Lynette Lacerda for Garfield County Clerk & Recorder.

Joanne Nelson


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