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Letter: Lacerda’s for real

Hello citizens of Garfield County, I am hear to tell you a short story about Lynette Lacerda. I have known Lynette for many years. When I lost my wife of 40 years three years ago, I called her for help. I wasn’t really sure what Lynette could or would do for me.

She came to my home and counseled me. As we spoke, she listened to my words, but more importantly she intuitively saw the things that, in my grief, I couldn’t see.

In a few visits, she devised for me a system that allowed me to manage my finances, with little effort on my part, and freed me to deal with the family issues that needed my attention. Lynette became my sister and personal/business manager.

I trust her and have absolute faith in her ability to understand and prioritize any situation she is confronted with as our County Clerk. While Lynette was helping me she was also the project manager for a large construction project. I never felt that this project was any more important to her than my needs.

Lynette is the real deal, she cares about people and treats people with respect. That is the type of person we want to run our County Clerk’s office. All the book smarts in the world can’t compare to the real life experience in business that Lynette brings to the table.

Al Scholz


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