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Letter: Last time around

As the time nears for replacement of old 1951 Grand Ave. bridge, my [head] is full of memories and stories about the construction of the bridge, and the controversies surrounding the project 66 years ago. I was a new hire of the Colorado Highway Department (as CDOT was known then), and one of the first projects that I was involved with was engineering and surveying of the present Grand Avenue bridge.

There were many conflicts and worries in 1951, just as there have been about the present project. Looking back, the controversies may seem trivial now, but 60-some years ago, they were very important to the citizens of Glenwood.

The present bridge is old and outmoded now, but it was state of the art in 1951 and served the community well for 66 years. It deserves a “tip of hat” from the folks it served.

I was a 20-year-old kid during my involvement with the bridge construction and think it is very possible that I am the last person alive who had a part in the project. If anyone reads this who was involved with bridge construction, I would like to hear from you.

Don Vanderhoof 

Glenwood Springs

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