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Letter: Late news

Shame on you, Glenwood Springs Post Independent, for not covering the plight of the residents in Manor 1 and Manor 2 until you were finally forced to by the residents. This deplorable situation has been going on for too long. If you had sent a reporter to do a story at the very beginning of this mess, a lot of angst could have been avoided.

In this day and age and in this country, to allow seniors — or anyone, for that matter — to live like animals is inexcusable.

Shame on the companies involved and shame on you, Post Independent, for not forcing the issue months ago.
Ignoring the news is just as bad as false news.

I also take exception to Glenwood Springs building official Rick Fout’s comment in the Post Independent story about the mismanagement during the remodeling of Manors 1 and 2. He said “It’s people living around a minor remodel. It’s totally kosher.”

In case Mr. Fout doesn’t know, the word “kosher” is Hebrew for “fit” or “appropriate.” The way the residents of those two building have had to live for the past year is not either “fit” or “appropriate.”

Joan Isenberg
Glenwood Springs

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