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Letter: Latest allegations

Regarding the latest epidemic of scandals: Anyone who has been wrongly approached and preyed upon deserves justice. Maybe the violators forgot the Golden Rule, or not. Is it a case of misreading signals, or is it using positions of power to dominate, or both?

These purported allegations by the victims do not balance the defendants’ notoriety — Charlie Rose, Matt Lauer. With public figures, the public deserves to know the credibility of the victims’ charges. If indeed there is credibility, it must be substantiated and graded; otherwise, it’s nothing more than a “witch hunt.”

At the point that the allegations are random and vindictive, they stand to erode society. The allegations could run from something as nutty as Russian meddling to simple retribution. In any case, justice for all, now and in the future. Don’t mess with basic life forces.

Fred Stewart

Grand Junction


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