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Letter: Leakers and heroes

Roland McLean wants to prosecute Comey for sharing his Trumpf conversations with the Washington Post. Thanks to that sharing we got a special prosecutor for Trumpf’s Russian investigation.

I would prosecute Trumpf in a heartbeat for leaking CIA intelligence from Israel to the Russian secretary and ambassador.

It is interesting that Hillary was never hacked while on her husband’s presidential server. The information referred to was from a letter by Sidney Blumenthal. It was from the cache Hillary provided to the State Department, which they then gave to one of the seven Benghazi witch hunts.

The Russians hacked Podesta’s email at the request of Trumpf. Snowden and Chelsea Manning are my heroes. Their courage provided the long-needed transparency that allowed for a rejigger of NSA policy and Iranian war policy.

If the weakening of America caused by the Assange chaos is bad, think of how bad the Drumpf/Bannon pandemonium and mayhem have been for the country and world.

John Hoffmann


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