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Letter: Learn their grievances

It would be helpful to ask the folks that we call terrorists what their grievances are, what they wish to communicate by blowing themselves up. Ask if there is something we can do to improve their life.

It can’t be an easy decision to blow one’s self up. I have a feeling that they really are trying to tell us something about their living situation and our effect on it.

Cheney and Rumsfeld were incredibly successful ensuring perpetual warfare by instigating the, “we don’t talk to terrorists” policy. The Sunni are not terrorists, they are people; they have needs. Let’s ask what their needs are and help them satisfy their needs — oil companies can afford it. Then we can begin to end our perpetual war.

The Library of Congress, Country Studies has a wealth of information about how the world’s multinational corporations have affected people while pursuing their resources.

John Hoffmann


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