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Letter: Let states compete

One of the greatest driving forces in our culture is competition. In business, it produces better products, better service and better prices. In education, it produces higher standards. In sports and all other areas, it produces self-discipline, personal focus and improvements in all areas. It provides us with faster service, increased economic spending and customer satisfaction.

Contrary to this, politics are continually attempting to take over all facets of our life, supposedly in the name of equality. The wise people that set up our government system apparently saw great value in competition. The premier concept was state’s rights. The federal government has universalized everything from health care to education.

If the feds would stick to interstate transportation (highways) and the national military and return everything else to the states, I believe that interstate competition would drive down a lot of costs and improve products. All public lands should be under the authority of the states except for the so-called national monuments.

Get rid of the BLM. The federal government could balance the national debt if they would get out of all the agencies involved in controlling what should be under jurisdiction of individual states. If the states become competitive, we would see better service and a more efficient economy.

Viva competition.

Viva states rights.

Ross L. Talbott

New Castle


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