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Letter: Let’s finish the Medicare job

July 30 is Medicare’s 54th birthday. Imagine how different our country would be today if we had decided in 1965 that Medicare would cover health care costs for all Americans, not just senior citizens.

Imagine never choosing between filling a prescription and paying the rent or feeding your family. Imagine being diabetic and not worrying about paying for insulin.

Imagine not being just one illness or accident away from bankruptcy or depleting your life savings.

Imagine not having to stay in a job you hate because you would lose your health insurance. Imagine having insurance in the job you hold now.

Imagine getting a raise because your employer no longer has to provide your health insurance.

Imagine being able to choose any physician, dentist and hospital in the country, not just the ones in your network.

Now imagine paying less for all of that than you currently pay for health care.

You have just been imagining Medicare for All. It’s completely doable, affordable and practical, once enough of us learn about and demand it. We made a great start 54 years ago. Let’s finish the job.

For more information, see NewImprovedMedicareForAll.org.

George Bohmfalk, MD


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