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Letter: Let’s not sink so low again

Thank you to Randy Essex and Jessica Cabe for their remarks on the election. By now, we have all had our fill of racism, misogyny, sexism and xenophobia. We need to shake off the dirt and help our country heal.

As citizens, we can never let discourse sink this low again. We need to show up at this election and have our voices heard. More than that, we must insist that both parties act like grown-ups and work together so that the injustices that threaten our nation are addressed.

I would like to see a just wage so that normal, hard-working people can pay their rent, feed their children and get medical care. I want drug costs moderated so that seniors are not persuaded to stop taking their necessary medications, I want college debt to be reasonable, so that we can educate our citizens to make sound choices and have a stable life.

We need to insist that even here in the Rockies that insurance is truly affordable, so that hard-working people can afford it and not be left to bankruptcy. These things are reasonable. They are simple acts of human decency. We the people must take our power back and vote in a government that listens to us and helps us live with dignity and, oh yes, civility.

Suzanne Lavin

Glenwood Springs

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