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Letter: Let’s show courage

I learned from an 80-year-old indigenous lady who was a doyenne at the Natural History Museum of Santa Barbara. Her grandfather was brought up from the Acapulco area to translate for the indigenous people living around Santa Barbara. I learned that the Spanish speaking, Catholic, indigenous people of Mexico are a unique culture. They are inseparable from the people that, for the past 15,000 years, populated the North American continent, from Point Barrow Alaska to the Darien Strait.

The people spoke a common sign language, and traded over 6,500 miles. Mexicans diverged from other indigenous cultures when Spaniards terrorized them into enslavement. Imagine the continent as it was when Europeans arrived. An environment so fecund that 2 hours a day labor produced all the food they needed. They enjoyed a dense culture as agronomists, food processors, scholars, mathematicians, craftsmen, doctors, priests, a noble class and more.

The early Europeans arrived needy and the indigenous people fed them and were shown the richness of their land, and they stole it from the natives. Over the years these honest, hardworking, family-oriented people created prenominal wealth for the Spaniards and, still, the North Americans.

Ask your representative to show courage and not build the wall or separate indigenous families. Let’s do better.

John Hoffmann


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