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Letter: Let’s slow down

How many of us remember how easy it was to out run a cop back in the ‘60s? Then Chrysler invented the Commando. Then the 426 Hemi was invented. Now we have little itty-bitty engines that produce over 500 horsepower.

There were a few fancy-schmancy cars in the valley last weekend — one guy had a ‘Vette with a small block that (he said) produced over 700 hp. There has forever been a competitive factor between cops and those who might elude them.

Fast forward. We’ve now got a herd of octogenarians who just want to be able to climb a little hill on an assisted bike. Lighten up. We’re not in a big fraking hurry. It’s the “whippersnappers” who are always in such a big hurry to meet their maker. And they go a lot faster than 20 without the power boost. Who could possibly believe that us old farts are going to cause a reckless driving problem on the trail?

Man, some of you guys’ll try to make trouble over a new rubber squeezy. Be aware of the hemi-powered skateboards and sidewalk scooters.

Grand Avenue with its 40,000 or 50,000 thousand cars will still be there.

Uncle Joe Lewis


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