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Letter: Let’s ‘Stepp’ it up

How’re we gonna replace Garfield County District 1 Commissioner Tom Jankovsky with Paula Stepp?

What we need, of course, is home rule. If Stepp ran against Jankovsky in an election where only District 1 voters could participate, she’d win in a landslide. With all of Garfield County participating, the odds against Stepp are long.

The chances the current Board of County Commissioners would support home rule are nil. Stepp admits we can’t get home rule on as a ballot issue this year. Once she’s on the BOCC, Stepp said it would be easier to get such an issue on the ballot.

Western Garfield County is predominately red. Southern Garfield County is predominately blue. Glenwood Springs is the battleground city.

Western Garfield County is more populous. In a true democracy, the most votes win, but that still leaves southern Garfield County unrepresented.

Stepp’s name recognition isn’t the greatest, but she’s out there in western Garfield County doing something about that. Stepp doesn’t have any oil and gas money behind her. It’ll take a grassroots effort, but we can get Stepp in there and have a little more diversity.

Fred Malo Jr.


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