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Letter: LGBT safety

I am writing this letter to address how little our community seems to care about the LGBT youth in our valley. In class we currently have a project to propose policies to make an impact or influence our community and my group chose to do the education of the LGBT community to our high school.

According to the CDC, LGB students in 7-12 grade are twice as likely to attempt suicide than heterosexual students and 40 percent have seriously considered it. This is a terrifying fact that so much of the LGBT community’s youth could take their lives all because they are growing up in an unsafe environment, something that could easily be changed if our community took the necessary steps to ensure they have healthy lives.

While I myself haven’t witnessed active bullying towards these youth, that is only because plenty can’t or simply do not feel safe enough to express themselves.

Hearing hurtful indirect things such as “fag” or “Did you assume my gender?” is heartbreaking, even the gender assumption, which was created as a joke by a straight cisgender male looking to mock and insult the transgender community. I have not heard a single trans person I know say this as they are afraid to correct people about their pronouns.

The policy we propose is one that teaches students in high school classes about accepting their fellow students to ensure a safe environment, doing so by possibly inserting a unit in health to teach LGBT students about how to care for themselves, especially if they are transgender teens struggling with their gender identity that may consider transitioning to their preferred gender.

Whether or not this policy we propose can come into effect or not, we would like to see some form of support from our humble city. Even the smallest amount of support can help our struggling youth.

Michaela Jimenez

Glenwood Springs

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