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Letter: Liberal senators

Our Colorado senators are hitching their bandwagon to the liberals in Washington. Seems that these two spend a lot more time and effort just trying to make people believe they are at work — they are at work all right — trying to see how much they can keep Trump from doing what he does best in running the country. Again. They both wanted Hillary. Again they both think that McCain is still their savior in stopping health care reform.

Again they want to stop President Trump from cutting taxes and again they think they are so indispensable that neither of them care to listen to Colorado citizens who voted them in and are paying their wages. They both think that DACA should be kept in place and that the status quo is always better than having to change their way of thinking. Sad that Bennet, who went down to the border with John McCain and six others, failed to see that we were inundated with foreigners.

They fail to see that a wall should be finished and that we need armed people down there to keep out drugs, terrorists and anyone else. All we hear is the whining and crying of a bunch of Washington politicians who have gotten their way for so long that they can’t understand that we the people of the United States are sick of them.

So there is my rant of the week.

Audrey Jane Spaulding Budzynski


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