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Letter: Liberalism safe with Trump

There is little for liberals to fear from Trump’s numerous neoconservative edicts since taking office. For example, take the Supreme Court appointment that has been in the news for the past year since the death of Justice Scalia with no autopsy.

Not once have I read anyone proposing to seek the wisdom of our brilliant Founders and ask why they had a bill in 1789 to appoint only six Supreme Court justices. Their job was so critical that it took a supermajority (4-2) to change a lower court’s decision as they strictly adhered to the original intent of the Constitution.

They understood that our foundational document for freedom from the tyranny of England was the Declaration of Independence because we are all, “created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness…” and the purpose of the U.S. Constitution was to spel out how our freedom would be protected by guaranteeing the power of the states and limiting the roles of the federal government.

The Founders understood that strong central governments historically grow to be oppressive. They actually believed the task of the justices was to referee the states’ and Congress’s compliance within the limits of the U.S. Constitution, not create legislation from the bench.

It didn’t take long for the political machine to shun the Founders’ plan for the third branch of the federal government, with the number of justices in the 1800s varying from 10 down to seven. However, no bills were passed to authorize the change from six to a higher number; just politicians approving frivolous budgets while chipping away at our once-strong foundation.

If Trump was truly a constitutional conservative, he would ask for two volunteers to step down (8-2=6), or layoff the last two appointees to achieve six. Or as a last resort, let attrition take its course down to six. Since each justice with staff costs millions per year, we could start saving money to pay off the $20 trillion debt and send a message to other unconstitutional departments to shape up.

Maybe the pseudo-conservative John Roberts will volunteer to step down and take with him the vote that approved the ACA socialized medicine by calling it a tax — the biggest tax in U.S. history.

Jerry Law

Glenwood Springs

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