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Letter: Lies will catch up with Clinton

The only thing crooked lying Hillary Clinton has accomplished as a lifetime government employee is avoiding prosecution. Her lies will eventually catch up with her. How could anyone believe her if she takes the oath of office to protect and defend our Constitution? As a former member of the military, I personally cannot envision her as my commander and chief. Please spare us all.

Some examples of her lies: She said she landed in Bosnia under enemy sniper fire. She said all of her grandparents were immigrants. Benghazi was caused by a video. She claimed she was instrumental in Ireland’s peace process. The ongoing email and server scandals, travelgate, cattle money investment, the Clinton Foundation, allegations of influence peddling, exorbitant speaking fees received for her and her husband as a result of the foreign favors. It’s called “pay for play.” Check this out: She cut her tax bill by $1 million donating to herself through the Clinton Foundation.

Now imagine an entire country so ignorant that its citizens give billions of dollars to elect an rich unindicted criminal like Hillary Clinton to dictate their lives and steal their money in the name of patriotism. Remember the Phoenix airport meeting between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch (attorney general). Bill said they talked about golf and grandkids. Well guess what? Ms. Lynch doesn’t play golf nor have grandkids. Are we the people being played for fools?

Bill Clinton just stated on TV he has a plan to use 10,000 Syrian immigrants to clean up Detroit. What’s wrong with hiring unemployed U.S. citizens from Detroit to do what’s necessary? The word immigrant in the past is defined much differently then now. When my grandparents came to the U.S. in 1900 they came through Ellis island. The government gave them nothing, nada, zilch. They came here to be part of the American culture. Today immigrants come here today to get “free” health care and living expenses. They don’t come here for the dream.

I’m a U.S. citizen and a veteran. When I go to the VA I am required to pay a copay for any needed medical attention and medications. Don’t you think veterans should come first?

Stan Rachesky

Glenwood Springs

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